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Online Personal Training & Program Design

Online Personal Training & Program Design

What you get:

  • Initial fitness and nutrition assessment.
  • Goal assessment.
  • A Complete nutrition program
  • A Complete and custom training program - modified bi-weekly or monthly based on goals.
  • Training education
  • Goal calendar with milestones
  • Recovery and rest days, as well as bonus activity days
  • Program can be created for the gym, home training and post re-hab training.
  • Program can be tailored to fit clients fitness goals; enhance current sports like marathon running, martial arts
  • Workout guide and information necessary to your goals.
  • One phone call with Dasha a month, progress discussion.
  • Person-to-person personal approach


Dasha has created programs for many A-list clients, including making custom programs to get actors ready for movie roles, models for bikini shoots, performers for physically demanding tours. Dasha has worked with Nike, Shape, Self, Fitness amongst many other brands to create fitness programs, and custom workouts. Dasha has trained professional athletes, and more importantly regular people with real goals.

Often many of us don't have time to get to the gym to see a trainer. And even if we do it's expensive. Whats more is that sometimes a regular trainer doesn't always have the experience to create custom, result driven programs. Online personal training with Dasha will give you the opportunity to have a custom and result driven program tailor made to your goals, and adjusted bi-weekly to get you to your maximum results. Plus, this type of training will still allow you to throw on your favorite tunes and train in your own privacy - be it at home or at the gym or outdoors.

Dasha will also monitor your eating habits by giving you a structured yet sustainable nutrition guideline that will help you maximize your results.

Thing is, if you aren't training on a program, then your are 100% not getting the results you can be.

Love your spin and yoga classes? Love going to dance class or training martial arts? - the beauty of a custom made program is that Dasha will work around your schedule and help you get the results you need. Enhancing performance and helping prevent injury in your art or sport.

Don't have time to workout? Dasha will tailor a program for you, even if you have no more then thirty minutes a day just several times a week.

Personal supervision by professionals in the field is one of the secrets to success in physical training and lasting weight-loss.

People are individuals. Even in this modern age, fitness training is still as much art as science. Each person is unique with unique issues. Many trainers follow cookie-cutter routines and recycle them for each person. However the application of training techniques must be made on an individual basis. Standard, printed programs or random workout sessions in an assortment of fitness and cardio classes will never produce the same results as individualized, person-to-person training instruction.

It doesn't matter what equipment you have available. Dasha will work with your needs.

Ask yourself - have you ever followed a real workout structure- tailor made to you? And if you've just been randomly working out have you really seen the results you want?

And if you have- has it worked? And if it hasn't, then was your trainer qualified? Did he or she have the education? And did he or she provide a custom routine? If you haven't seen results then they probably haven't.

Based on your unique body type and goals Dasha will make a program for you including: activity hours, specific routes, workout principles and nutrition guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE that this program requires weekly or bi-weekly correspondence with Dasha.

Subscription Information
The pricing structure for online training is $300 initial payment, which includes the first month, questionnaire/structural analysis (by photos) and fitness assessment, plus a customized program.

Thereafter, a monthly fee of $150 is auto-billed to your credit card. Or a payment in full for 6 or 12 month options is available, and will leave you with a discount of $50.00 a month.

If doing mostly fee you may cancel your subscription by email request at anytime.

This structure is designed to appeal to the long-term client who is looking for education, and over all improvement in health, wellness, fitness, strength, mobility, agility and longevity, which is the only type of client Dasha is willing to accept. If you're interested, but have more questions, please contact us by email ( with some information about yourself and your fitness goals.

Once signed up, you will be send a fitness assessment and questionnaire. After that process, you will be sent back a program and a nutrition guideline. WEEKLY correspondence is required from all clients.

If you order digitally your DVDs, Books and Full Program will be emailed to you on INSTANT easily downloadable links.

*Please email us if you did not receive the links, or if your link has expired and allow us 2-24 hours for a reply, but we will take care of the problem.

Feel free to contact with questions, shipping, returns or DVD issues.

If you ordered the limited Physical DVD - your DVDs will only ship mid January (between Jan 15 and 20th) and shipping will take 2-5 days, so please be patient, as physical production of the DVDs will take longer then the Digital Versions.

*You will be notified with a USPS tracking number the moment your DVD ships.