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KBIA Level 2: KB Rotational, Locomotion Swings, KB Mobility & Progressive TUT Strength

KBIA Level 2: KB Rotational, Locomotion Swings, KB Mobility & Progressive TUT Strength

What you get:

  • Level 2: Certified Kettlebell Kickboxing Instructor KBIA™ Two day group or one day private certification *must be Level One Certified or Purchasing the program with Level 1.
  • Kettlebell Biomechanics and Science, Kettlebell and Fitness Instruction, Trouble Shooting and Body Assessment **These courses provide CEU’s with ACE, NASM & AFAA
  • Building on Level 1 Foundations you will explore Locomotive Swings, The Circular Swing Series, Progressive Strength building You will cover kettlebell breathing techniques.
  • Explore Time-Under-Tension Strength and Endurance Building Principles
  • KB Mobility Progressions
  • Level 2 Advanced Complexes
  • Level 2 KB Trademark Series
  • All Swings and Strength Building Provided on Video and in Person
  • Refine your technique on the most important kettlebell lifts, learn advanced progressions for yourself and your students, as well as how to safely teach these lifts to others, identify the most common faults and how to correct them and how to progress your class
  • Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ advanced trademark system of teaching, class structure, workout structure and curriculum – get the information that has gained KB its world wide popularity and keep the class full and engaged and progressive for over 7 years
  • Metabolic Training Science, Group, Semi-Group and Private Training
  • Ideal for those already certified in KBIA-1 and looking to progress their class and their own knowledge further
  • Use of Kettlebell Kickboxing logos and trademarks in your studio and classes, as well as the KBIA Level 2 Instructor Stamp
  • Access to the Instructor Only Newsletter & Updates, including workouts, recipes and health advise and all of your FAQ’s- every week!
  • Your own KBIA page, and level 2 listing

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